Twinkle, Twinkle, little Diamonds…

what if i told you – i have found a supplier of gem stones. a little old man, who has great wealth of information on these little valuably beautifully shiny little stones!!

Tanzanite: Sapphire:  Opel: Aqua Marine, Topaz and more bought directly from the source – deep within the Earth.

Send me a mail, and I will be on this tail, and find you your Gem …….

Gem Stones Collection

Beauty Behind Bars


A very special NPO-

a group of women and volunteers – spend a day and their time – sharing the Love – pampering women behind bars with nail, hair and makeup.

All women loved to feel good- we all know it!

These are women who have possibly forgotten what it is like to be pampered…. a little TLC goes a long way.

Spread the word = lets get it heard= BBB is sharing the Love on 29 April 2017 –

we need volunteers who will help with the event and spend time with the women behind bars at Pollsmor Prison.




Stay Warm, The african way

As the winter days draw near, we are encouraging all those visiting South Africa to check out these authentic fabrics from the heart of african culture.

Send us your email and we will contact you on how to be a part of this incredible movement

going camping – tipi style!

How many of us love camping in the great outdoors………. sitting around a camp fire sipping cocco and telling campfire stories….

how would you feel – if you could camp like the “old days” – in a Tipi!

made to order Tipis in Africa

or come experience a night at Tipis Africa Guest Lodge in Mpumalanga.

Experience American Indian sleeping style!

tipis                                                tipis2

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